Purpose, Vision, and Beliefs

Lexington School District Four

Our Purpose

We empower our students to become reflective global citizens.

Our Core Values

GROW:  We continually learn through individual inquiry, collaborative practice, and purposeful reflection.  

SERVE:  We compassionately support one another through nurturing and empowering relationships.

INNOVATE:  We purposefully transform our practices to provide a personalized pathway to success for every student.

Our Aspiring Values

Compassion:  We resolve to nurture a culture of collective empathy.

Execution:  We commit to collective accountability for rigorous goals in order to ensure deep, sustained implementation of best practices.

Our Beliefs

Every student needs a personalized pathway to success.  

Our strength is found in the value of each individual’s voice.

Student-centered inquiry and formative feedback nurture deep learning.

Perseverance is a given for sustained success.

Our Vision

We seek to be a personalized system of learning.

Our Strategy

Build Agency:  Intentionally develop self-advocates who pursue their own inquiries, understanding, and ownership of learning.

Develop Deeper Learning:  Purposefully and strategically immerse in deep inquiry of rigorous, relevant, and authentic problems.

Engage in Flexible Pathways:  Systematically design, monitor, and adapt goals that ensure mastery for every student.