Suggested Websites

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     Online Books

  • Ceebies- These are great for younger readers who need practice.· Created by BBC.
  • Storyplace- This website by the Charlotte Mecklenburg Public Library has interactive stories where you can name your own characters.
  • Sesame Street- Great interactive stories for younger readers with Sesame Street characters
  • Starfall- This website offers different levels from learning to read to practicing.· There are many different stories available from fiction and nonfiction to folk tales and fables.
  • Wacky Web Tales- If you like Mad Libs you will love this website.· It is created by Houghton Mifflin Company and recommended for grades 3 and above.
  • Book Pop- This is a great website created by Stephen Cosgrove with lots of fun stories.· You can choose to read them yourself or have them read to you.
  • Children's Classics- This website has classics such as Peter Rabbit, Aesop's Fables, and Alice in Wonderland that you can read online.